Praise for Accidental Hitman

As a going-it-alone author it’s amazing to receive an unsolicited message from a stranger saying how much they enjoyed your book.  It shows that the novel has broken the confines of your immediate social and  family circle and started making its way in the world, and not to be too crass about it, started properly selling.  But more than that, the feeling that something you wrote made it into the hands of a total stranger and kept them entertained is something I can’t really describe.  And that’s ironic because writers are supposed to be able to describe feelings!

One of the great things about all our new communication tools is that we are able to provide feedback to people who’s services we’ve enjoyed. And of course we get to moan if we’re not happy. We’ve all been guilty of the latter but I’m going to focus on the good stuff because I’ve received some fantastic messages from complete strangers and every single time it happens it’s… well it’s fucking brilliant!

I’m so grateful for the people who took the time to tell me their thoughts. You didn’t need to bother, but you did. And I’m glad you did, not because I want my ego waxed, but because every message has given this wannabe full-time writer the confidence to keep on plugging away to try and make this happen. Yes, I’m being a right old sap but there’s no way round it.  If you follow my tweets then you’ll notice that I’ve not been very funny of late, and that’s because people keep being so bloody nice and I want to keep thanking them. So blame them!  Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Here are the tweets…

@garethtorri hey mate just finished accidental hitman! Awesome book! Couldn’t put it down! Just wanted to let u know! Well done! – Gareth Torri

@sirjs hi. Just finished reading your book. Couldn’t put it down—it was that good!

@madbrad84 Just finished your book “the accidental hit man”. A fantastic read and had me gripped and belly laughing as well. Great work!

@scottbootland Just finished reading accidental hitman and I loved it. now I’ll actually have to do some work during the day instead of reading!

@drewjayjohnson I’ve just finished reading Accidental Hitman and it’s become my new favourite book. Currently on Apocalypse Soup Kitchen!

@wossiejossie just finished Accidental Hitman, I really enjoyed it. Really liked Tom, reminded me of someone I know. 10/10

@stephen_beck I had finished your book today, well done you it was fantastic!

I’m not sure of the etiquette but I hope it’s okay publishing these twitter names, please let me know if you want me to remove yours. I thought that as they’re in the public domain it’s okay, but sorry if I’ve got that wrong. 

Thanks again y’all!

And nearly 50 ratings on iTunes with an average of 4.5 out of 5, perhaps I’m getting somewhere!

4 thoughts on “Praise for Accidental Hitman

  1. Agree with all other comments about Accidental Hitman. Brilliant, brilliant stuff. An easy 10/10.

  2. Why thank you Dave, that’s very nice of you to say. I took a peek at some of your stuff on jottify, and your site: – good work..

  3. Just read the book for a second time, brilliant! Very funny, even with the macabre plot! Hope a new book is in the offing soon

    1. Cheers John, thanks for going to the trouble of posting, and I’m glad it stands up to a second reading! There is a new book out very soon but it’s quite a lot darker and not a comedy (although there’s a few moments that you may well find funny, as I do, but you’re probably not meant to in polite society). The working title is Murder Authority and I’m very close to the last draft of it. Following that it’ll be back to Tom White in the sequel to Hitman – Accidental Revolutionary. If I didn’t have a crappy day job taking up loads of time then I could get these written a lot quicker, bollocks!

      cheers fella


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