Black no Sugar

10 short stories designed to be sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes funny and occasionally a little shocking. I love stories that stay in your head long after you’ve read them.

You can get the collection on Amazon.

Here’s a track listing….

Apocalypse Soup Kitchen – it’s the end of the world but not as we know it…

Exit Strategy – what do you do when you simply can’t go on?

Ground Control – a lone astronaut looks on as Earth is battered by natural and economic turmoil.

The Vampire Dairies – an innocuous looking pun reveals something much darker.

Duty – let’s get medieval on your arse.

Boredroom – for anyone who has ever been in a corporate meeting and wanted to be anywhere else.

Fair Game – a back to basics creepy tale of a man with seemingly nothing to lose.

Date Night – where’s the line between sexy and plain old nasty?

Supercide – who needs heroes anymore?

Comic Con – to lighten the tone, a little at least. What’s going on at the Comic Convention?

2 thoughts on “Black no Sugar

    1. Good question!

      This is going to be an extremely boring answer but it will contain all the facts…

      I use a third party e-distributor, Smashwords. I submitted it a while ago and it has to go through a formatting review to ensure it meets the standard for all the e-book retailers. I’ve been checking the status on a daily basis and just checked again after seeing your comment and the good news is that it’s reached the Smashwords premium status, which means it will now be distributed to the retailers.

      I have pasted below the Smashwords text that gives an idea of how long it might take to hit the biggies, I’m hoping it’s at the sooner end of their guidelines:

      Smashwords ships to most retailers on a once-weekly basis, usually Thursday/Friday, though shipment dates may vary. On June 4, Smashwords announced more frequent shipments to Apple and Kobo. We ship to Apple multiple times per day (price updates will usually appear same day, though new book shipments are subject to manual review by Apple which may take up to two weeks, sometimes longer). Kobo ships once per day. Once a shipment goes to the retailer, listings and metadata updates are subject to processing by the retailer, so please expect anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks for the update or new shipment to reflect.

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