The deluxe model…

…is the one with the real hair

I’m probably showing my age but I’m completely bowled over by technology these days. We have to bear in mind that I come from a land where downloading music meant pushing a cassette recorder up close to the radio, where mixing meant carefully tinkering with the tuning knob in a desperate attempt to keep the song audible as the reception drifted in and out, where playlist meant stacking up to ten 7” singles on the spindle of the record player and pinning them into position with a plastic arm before watching in disbelief as the disks dropped, one by one, onto the turntable and the needle lowered precariously onto the outer edge. This land was called The 70s.

After a while my family uprooted and we moved to new pastures, a place called Nine Teen Ate Tees. In this new and frightening place you could record TV shows onto tape, allowing rewinding, fast forwarding and even pausing so you could study an individual frame – with the addition of lots of grainy lines across said frozen frame. Then suddenly an amazing thing happened. There was a fourth channel on the telly. None of us could believe it. Four, count ‘em. Four channels. But we couldn’t really see the fourth because we had a rubbish aerial.

And to be honest we couldn’t really see ITV either for the same reason. But looking back, I don’t think we missed much.

Except CHIPS. I saw that at my cousins’ house and thought it was brilliant.

But this wasn’t meant as a nostalgic piece; I was merely setting the scene, attempting to pitch you into the mind of the protagonist so you can feel the emotions and sentiments about to be conveyed. Because I’m a writer, see? I’m using literary trickery to guide you, the reader into my landscape of text. Did I mention that I’m a writer? That’s why I do these blogs, so people will buy my book. Yes. I know. It’s a flawed model.

So now you should be in the mind of someone of my age, life experience, height and weight and you’re ready to empathise with my observations and not just respond with: “yeah, so what?”

Now we’re all set.

So here’s the thing.

I put the radio on in the kitchen this morning. The radio is digital so the sound was crystal clear. I had turned on halfway through a song and found that I was very much enjoying it. I was keen to know what the song was and by whom it was performed. I have noticed that when I wait for a song to end on the radio in the hope of hearing the DJ tell me its name and that of the performing artist, I’ll often find that the DJ doesn’t tell me, presumably because they have already said it at the beginning. So, wise to the risk of this happening, I took my telephone from my pocket and selected the Shazam* app. Within a few seconds the name of the song and that of the performing artist were displayed on the screen of my telephone. And then I clicked an icon on my screen and within a few more seconds I had bought the song for 70 pee or something. And now the song is stored on my telephone and I can play it when I want.


*Other song recognition apps are available#.

#Probably, I don’t know that for a fact. How would I know?

2 Comments to “The deluxe model…”

  1. What was the song Al?

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